The Hood Internet Interview

The Hood Internet Interview

Photo by Patrick Chapa

DJ duo, The Hood Internet, released their debut album of original material, FEAT on October 2, 2012.  The Austin Times was able to catch the Austin show, this past week on October 3rd at Beauty Ballroom.  

The Hood Internet, famous for their mixtapes of artists from Whitney Houston to Justice, have now found themselves producing new material with hyped rappers and artists from across the nation. This evolution from strictly mashup to original, vocal and instrumental collaborations, was exemplified in Wednesday’s performance. 

The performance started very similar to a traditional Hood Internet DJ set, complete with a light installation backdrop and a remix of Pink Floyd’s The Wall, but then switched into more of a three-man-indie-band set with instruments, as they performed a song off of their new album, One For The Record Books (ft AC Newman, Sims). 

The crowd became particularly excited when the band transitioned into a Hood Internet classic, ABX – Just Wanna Dance Yrself Clean (Jay-Z vs LCD Soundsystem), off their Anatomy Magazine Great American Mixtape (2010), followed by their remix of M83’s One Midnight With You. 

The set then went back to somewhat of a traditional d.j. set, as two of the members exited stage right, about 15 minutes later, the two members re-appeared to finish off the night with more material from their new album.

While the FEAT may gain traction with listeners new to Hood Internet, it’s hard to say whether older fans will embrace the new album with the same open arms.  Judging by the response of the crowd last week, those who came to see the Hood Internet seem to gravitate to the old material, while those who came to see one of the opening acts looked to enjoy the entire set equally as much from start to finish.

To be quite honest, if I had never listened to the Hood Internet before, and closed my eyes and listened to them, it would have sounded seamlessly perfect. However, watching the show transition from band set to dj set and back to band set, felt a little bit awkward at times. Perhaps this transition overtime will become fluid, as they perform live in this capacity more often.  

It will be interesting to see if the Hood Internet’s venture into original collaborations will repel the fans which made them famous, or attract another new demographic of listeners all together.

By Katie Warner
Austin Times

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