Single in Austin: V-Day

Saint Valentine’s Day is just a couple of days away and, of course, I feel the pressure to write about love or, rather, the lack thereof… What is Valentine’s anyway? Should it be exclusive to couples, or can we single souls also partake? I don’t know exactly why, but I always manage to keep myself single during this holiday.

I can seriously say that I have been ‘taken’ twice for V-Day in the last thirteen years that I’ve been romantically active. My first Valentine’s gift, at 14 years old, was a gold bracelet and a stuffed animal. Cute.  My last, however, was a little less PG-13, and a lot more naughty fun and more appropriate for a twenty-one year old.

This year I am again loveless. No special guy to take me to dinner. No discussing with the girls what to buy. And not picking out a nice outfit for the occasion. I think I am more upset about the latter. Don’t start feeling sorry for me now. Prince Charming might not be bringing me chocolates come Sunday.

Instead, Goddess willing, I am going to be in a nice spa somewhere in Miami. There will be a whole lot of loving alright. I am going to love my awesome self all weekend… shopping, fine dinning, sight seeing, and more shopping! I am actually very excited to be in Miami by myself for Valentines day. I foresee an adventurous weekend.

Now, to all those fabulous single, sexy ladies out there, don’t feel sad because you ain’t got a man this Valentine’s Day. Get all dolled up, grab your fellow single girlfriends, and go celebrate the love for each other and the love for yourselves. Treat yourselves to a nice dinner and some dancing downtown. Don’t let that annoying couple (we all have them) make you feel bad about being single. They might be all lovey-dovey this weekend but, for the rest of the year, they probably secretly wish they had your life.

C.J. in the City

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  1. Doug B says:

    So I was taken this V-day and it made realize I haven’t actually celebrated Valentine’s day since I was in 8th grade…and even that was because the whole class bought stuff for each other. I gotta say it’s kinda comforting to hear you haven’t been raking in the gifts every V-day since birth.
    I tihnk it sucks though that V-day is such a big deal. I wish it was more of a lighthearted holiday and that I could simply buy someone a V-day drink or have lunch with friends and enjoy each others company. I feel like people make it such a big deal and it becomes this big cloud over a relationship. A cloud that says “So how are you going to show me how much you care about me?” I wish it was more a day of simply appreciating all the relationships we have.
    Ok that sounds sappy. So in short I just wish Valentine’s Day was something we could have more fun with and wasn’t so polarized between singles and couples. Wish it wasn’t ‘I’m happy being single’ or I’m happy being with someone’ and instead was simply ‘I’m happy just being’. So I need to get imprisoned and send a love letter to all my friends in order to get that kinda holiday started.

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