Texas Longhorns Football: 10 Bold Predictions for the 2010 Season (part 1 of 2)

A little less than a month from now the Texas Longhorns will kick off their 2010 season in Houston, TX at Rice.

Last year the Horns came with in a weird elbow injury to their two-time Heisman Trophy runner up, Colt McCoy, from winning their second BCS-National Title in the 2000s. This year there are big, if not HUGE questions for this team.

Like, who is Garrett Gilbert? Who will lead the running game? Is this Mack Brown’s last year? Is this Will Muschamp’s last year at Texas?

All of these questions will be tackled in this article. As I will make my 10 bold predictions for the 2010 Longhorn Season! (Part 1 today with 10-6 Part 2 next week with 5-1)

The list will go from least likely to happen starting at No. 10, to most likely to happen at No. 1.

10. The Longhorns Will Win Less Than Seven Games in 2010

Will this happen, probably not. Can this happen, maybe?

Since Mack Brown took over as the Texas head coach, the Horns have won at least eight games every year. So the likelihood that the Horns finish with less than five wins is highly unlikely.

9. Texas Announces Plans to Launch the Texas Network

This was one of the big chips in keeping Texas in the Big 12.

But, let’s say Texas halfway through the season Texas says, “In the next two years we will be forming the Texas network.” Does that mean that after their five years are done in this current Big-12 deal, do they opt out and form their own conference?

8. Longhorns First Loss of the season? At Rice Sept 4

It’s the first game of the season and it is the first game in the Garret Gilbert era. And, they have to go to Rice to play this game. Is this a trap game? Maybe?

Could Rice come in and upset Texas, thus starting a season where UT wins less than five games? Maybe?

But, will Texas blow this team out like the last time these two teams met?


7. Mack Brown Will Opt Out of His Contract After This Season

Mack Brown signed an extension on his current contract back in 2009. The extension kept him as the head of Texas till 2016. The extension increased Mack’s contract from $3 million a year, to $5 million a year till 2016.

But, there is the age issue. At 58 years old, Mack isn’t getting any younger, and the College game is starting to become a young man’s game. Plus how long does defensive coordinator Will Muschamp want to be Mack’s No. 2 guy when he is getting offers for a head coach position from other Universities?

6. John Chiles Takes Over for Garrett as UT’s Starting Quarterback

When Chiles was brought into Texas as a freshman, it was to battle with Colt McCoy to see who would take over after Vince Young left. Colt won the battle and John was sent to the bench.

In his sophomore year John tried his hand at being a wide receiver. Since then, that is where John has been.

But let’s say that Garrett struggles in his first few games in the 2010 season. Does Texas turn to other quarterbacks on the depth chart who have seen little to no playing time? Or do they turn to senior John Chiles to finish what he started when he came to Texas as a freshman.

Come back tomorrow for my predictions 5-1. You can follow me on Twitter @tjmcaloon.
TJ McAloon
Austin Times Staff

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