How to end your sugar addiction

Energy drink: Red Bull – Three-quarters of a cup of generic-brand frosted flakes contains about 11 grams of sugar. This 16-ounce can of Red Bull has 52 grams of sugar. Red Bull and many of the companies in this gallery offer lower or no-sugar versions of their drinks. “Nearly half — 45% — of all […]

Oregon gunman may have killed more if not for hero student

The gunman who went on a deadly rampage at an Oregon college was heavily armed and equipped with extra ammunition, authorities said on Friday, and he might have killed more people were it not for the heroism of a military veteran in an adjoining classroom. A day after the shooter killed nine people and wounded […]

The hajj journey of black Americans 50 years after Malcolm X

As Shahidah Sharif, an African-American Muslim, joined millions of fellow pilgrims from around the world on the hajj this year, she felt a renewed connection. To her own “blackness,” she says, but also to humanity as a whole. “When the human family becomes more important than just myself and my needs, nothing can get in […]

No. 4 TCU still undefeated, Texas 1-3 for 1st since ’56

This is one of those seasons when TCU coach Gary Patterson has plenty of reasons to shake his head while constantly having to plug in different players on defense to do enough to back a high-powered offense. Still, what matters right now for the fourth-ranked and playoff-hopeful Horned Frogs (4-0, 1-0 Big 12) is that […]

Pope met, hugged old gay friend in Washington

Pope Francis met with a gay friend and his partner while visiting Washington, the Vatican said Friday, confirming a highly symbolic encounter which occurred a day before the pontiff met prominent gay marriage opponent Kim Davis. CNN which first reported the meeting, broadcast a video of the encounter showing the pope and his old friend […]

Trump and Carson’s attacks on Muslims worry some GOP elders

The candidates atop the GOP presidential field are ramping up political attacks aimed at Muslims, a move designed to appeal to hardline conservatives. But party elders worry that escalating anti-immigrant rhetoric could cost Republicans the White House in 2016. The aggressive words, in particular from front-runners Donald Trump and Ben Carson, have exacerbated a widening […]

PGA Tour pros vote Spieth Player of the Year

Jordan Spieth picked up another award on Friday after being named PGA Tour Player of the Year by his fellow professionals, a statement said. The world number one received the Jack Nicklaus Trophy after a record-breaking 2015 season which included victories in two Majors. “The PGA Tour enjoyed a sensational season from every perspective as […]

Texas football coach accused of ordering referee hit resigns

A Texas high school football coach accused of ordering players to knock down a referee who allegedly hurled racial insults at the team has resigned, and state officials warned Thursday that punishments to others may be coming. Former bosses for Mack Breed, who was an assistant coach at John Jay High in San Antonio, told […]

Donald Trump says he can woo Black voters

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, who has been criticized by his rivals over his comments about minority groups, said on Wednesday he is the rare Republican who could win a sizable portion of the black vote. Trump, the Republican front-runner, spoke in South Carolina at a meeting of the Greater Charleston Business Alliance, which supports […]

Pope challenges Congress to be better; Congress continues as usual

It’s not often a senator is rendered speechless. But Thursday morning, on an extraordinary day at the Capitol, Republican Sen. Lisa Murkowski of Alaska found herself standing in a narrow hallway before the first-ever address to Congress by a pope, her hands, full of rosaries, cupped by His Holiness. The rules for the 20 or […]

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