Bernie Sanders’ black outreach: Is it working?

Despite a strong record on civil rights, Sen. Bernie Sanders has had trouble connecting with many African-American voters. The popular Democratic presidential contender and Vermont senator was widely panned for reacting angrily when Black Lives Matter protesters interrupted his speech at a Netroots Nation convention in July. Since then, Senator Sanders, who has acknowledged his […]

Trump and Carson’s attacks on Muslims worry some GOP elders

The candidates atop the GOP presidential field are ramping up political attacks aimed at Muslims, a move designed to appeal to hardline conservatives. But party elders worry that escalating anti-immigrant rhetoric could cost Republicans the White House in 2016. The aggressive words, in particular from front-runners Donald Trump and Ben Carson, have exacerbated a widening […]

American Muslims fear a new wave of Islamophobia

Muslim Americans responded with a mix of frustration, exasperation and anger to what many see as a growing wave of Islamophobia fueled by two of the Republican Party’s most popular presidential candidates, Donald Trump and Ben Carson. At the Islamic Institute of Orange County, which houses a mosque and a school in Anaheim, in southern […]

Serena outlasts Venus to move on to semifinals

With a powerful ace, Serena Williams capped her biggest win of the tournament. She’ll have to win two more in order to complete the calendar Grand Slam and tie Steffi Graf with 22 Grand Slam titles, but the atmosphere inside Arthur Ashe Stadium Tuesday night felt like a U.S. Open final. Playing in front of […]

Ben Carson calls for guest-worker status for immigrants

Republican presidential hopeful Ben Carson jabbed Tuesday at front-runner Donald Trump’s proposal to deport everyone who is in the country illegally, calling the plan impractical. “People who say that have no idea what that would entail” legally and otherwise, Carson said, adding: “Where you going to send them?” The retired neurosurgeon spoke before The Commonwealth […]

Clinton says private email was a mistake, says she’s sorry

WASHINGTON (AP) — Hillary Rodham Clinton apologized Tuesday for her use of a private email account after declining since last week to express remorse for the State Department arrangement that has shaken her presidential campaign. Asked about setting up the private email account by ABC News, Clinton said: “That was a mistake. I’m sorry about […]

More Democrats crack open door for Biden presidential run

More prominent Democrats on Sunday cracked open the door for Vice President Joe Biden to enter the race for the Democratic presidential nomination as party front-runner Hillary Clinton battled questions over her use of a private email server. California Governor Jerry Brown told NBC’s Meet the Press program that, if he were Biden, he would […]

Donald Trump: Megyn Kelly should apologize to me

Donald Trump is not only refusing to apologize for his controversial comments about Megyn Kelly — the Republican frontrunner now says the Fox News host should apologize to him. “She should really be apologizing to me, you want to know the truth,” Trump said on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” Monday. “And other candidates have said that.” […]

Senate blocks Planned Parenthood defunding measure

Republican legislation to cut off federal funding for Planned Parenthood failed to gather enough support in the U.S. Senate on Monday, halting at least for now moves to punish the women’s health group for its role in gathering fetal tissue from abortions for medical research. Senate Democrats succeeded in stopping the bill on a procedural […]

Texas wants its gold back inside the state’s borders

Forget Fort Knox or the Federal Reserve. Texas has decided to start keeping its gold holdings within in its own borders. But what makes sense politically in such a sovereignty-loving place is creating a logistical conundrum. Texas is the only state that owns an actual stockpile of gold, according to public sector and financial industry […]

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