The 2010 FIFA World Cup: Lacking the Star Power of World Cups Past

On June 11th, 32 National Soccer teams will partake a month long tournament known as the FIFA World Cup in South Africa. The big power-house teams will be there: France, USA, Brazil, Germany, England, and defending champion Italy. The beauty of this event is that these Nations stop their daily routines and sit to watch [...]

BAM: Celebrating Black Arts

“There [are] not a lot of activities about African American culture and arts,” said Ms. Lisa Byrd, Founder and Artistic Director of the Black Arts Movement performing arts festival. Black Arts Movement festival (BAM) is a celebration of African American artists in the new millennium. This three-week long event, she said, is “an opportunity to [...]

LULAC State Convention Comes to Austin

The 2010 Texas League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) State Convention will take place in Austin at the Hilton Airport from June 2 to 6. The assembly will discuss hot topics with titles like “Civil Rights and You” to “Criminal and Justice Reform Efforts”. Elmy Bermejo, Director of Intergovernmental Affairs for the U.S. Department [...]

Formula One Racing Chooses Austin as its New American Home

In 2012, Austin, Texas will host the first Formula One racing event in the United States since 2007, when it was held at the Indianapolis Motor Speed Way. The agreement is for Austin to build a $250 million facility for a Formula One racetrack.  This will be the first time that a track is built [...]

Pachanga Latino Music Festival 2010

The Pachanga Latino Music Festival, which took place on Saturday, May 22 at Fiesta Gardens in East Austin, was a lively party indeed. Now in its third year, the event had a stellar lineup, including local and international acts ranging from DJs to mariachis and traditional Tejano to electronica infused with Latin sounds. There was [...]

Out and Proud in the ATX

Just three months ago in Downtown Austin, two men were attacked near City Hall and brutally beaten because of their sexual orientation. Yes, this happened here in Austin – the recently named 9th most gay-friendly city in the U.S. by The Advocate, a national magazine that covers lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered (LGBT) issues. Protests [...]

Meet Mitote, playing Mexican folk music with Chicano sensibility

Don’t call Mitote a band. Members of the Austin-based ensemble of musicians consider themselves friends who are participating in the great tradition that is “Son” (pronunciation: sohn, meaning: traditional) music. Armed with instruments not traditionally seen around Austin, the group plays Son Jarocho- and Son Huasteco-style traditional regional Mexican folk music, from the states of [...]

Anthropos Arts: Bringing the benefits of music to all students

Tunes from Jazz to Meringue were heard in the Stubb’s Amphitheater on Sunday, May 16, as students from 12 different schools in the Austin area participated in the 11th Annual Student/Mentor Concert.   Students participating in the Anthropos Arts program showed their skills as they improvised solos alongside their mentors at their end-of-the-year performance. The Anthropos [...]

The Souvenir Menu: Estancia Beef at Central Market’s “Passport Argentina”

May 12 through the 25th, Central Market held its “Passport Argentina” event, featuring a wide variety of produce, guest chef cooking demonstrations, and even tango demonstrations. I had the real pleasure of meeting Bill Reed, CEO of Estancia Beef, a new meat supplier to Central Market. Bill’s company provides free range, grass-fed beef from Argentina, [...]

Youth Voices = Social Justice + Hip Hop + Creative Youth

“Hip-hop is not just music, but a support system and a social structure that unifies youth culture.” – The Cipher, Austin’s Hip Hop Project In East Austin’s Southwest Key Community Center over 100 people, diverse in age, race, and class, are bobbing their heads to the rhythm as youth from across Travis County “spit their truth”. [...]