Adding color to your home

Tired of coming home to the same color pallet?  How about adding some dramatic color combinations into your space?  “Black, red and gold. Aqua blue and light orange,” Ariana Anderson, Owner/Designer at Interior Devotion (, explains about dramatic color, combinations that work well, and one of her favorite colors. “I LOVE using almost any shade […]

The flavor of soul: “Suite 709”

Suite 709, Austin’s newest band, has been compared to “John Legend meets The Jackson 5;” a fresh flavor with just a hint of vintage to round off a sound that stretches across several musical genres. Infectious rhythms, hooks that stick to your brain, and soulful vocals combine to produce a sound that moves through your […]

My Education primed for “Sunrise” tour

With the release of and upcoming tour for their new Album “Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans,” I met with My Education to get a history lesson on the evolution of the band that makes it what it is today. If you are familiar with today’s sound of My Education – – entirely instrumental, characterized as […]

Bomba Estéreo en Fuego: Interview with Colombia’s rising stars

The first time I met Liliana, from Bomba Estéreo, was a few months ago in Indio, CA at Coachella. Paul Dryden, with Nacional introduced me to her, saying “This is Katie, from The Austin Times.” “AUSTIN?!?!?!,” exclaimed Liliana, “I love Austin!!!!!”  She then grabbed my pen out of my hand and proceeded to write the […]

Meet Mitote, playing Mexican folk music with Chicano sensibility

Don’t call Mitote a band. Members of the Austin-based ensemble of musicians consider themselves friends who are participating in the great tradition that is “Son” (pronunciation: sohn, meaning: traditional) music. Armed with instruments not traditionally seen around Austin, the group plays Son Jarocho- and Son Huasteco-style traditional regional Mexican folk music, from the states of […]

Interview with Crafty Chica about “Waking Up In The Land Of Glitter”

I get the feeling that Kathy Cano-Murillo is the real deal, without even having met her in person. You get what you…well, feel. That is, you can’t help but feel energized and creative when you come across anything that has been touched by Kathy. That is how reading her debut novel, Waking Up In The […]

The Souvenir Menu: Estancia Beef at Central Market’s “Passport Argentina”

May 12 through the 25th, Central Market held its “Passport Argentina” event, featuring a wide variety of produce, guest chef cooking demonstrations, and even tango demonstrations. I had the real pleasure of meeting Bill Reed, CEO of Estancia Beef, a new meat supplier to Central Market. Bill’s company provides free range, grass-fed beef from Argentina, […]

An Interview with Texas Stars’ Maxime Fortunus

The life of a Minor League Hockey player is one not comparable to many others.  There is the constant travel, the not-knowing what city you are going to play in the next day with the constant chance of being called up to the NHL.  They make about as much as any mid-level management position.  However, […]

The Paul Mooney Interview: A few moments with an icon

It’s not very often you get an opportunity to talk to a legend of an industry. Most of the time they come from an earlier era and they are long gone before you arrive, leaving behind the only options to read about them or hear second-hand stories told by someone that may have known them. […]

Interview with French singer Soko

By Camille Callazo The Austin Times Staff Soko started out as an actress, appearing in many French films such as Ma Place au Soleil, Dans les Cordes and In the Beginning (French: À l’origine) in 2009, for which she was nominated for a Cesar Award for best actress. She picked up singing in 2006 and, […]

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