The Souvenir Menu: The Evangeline Café

The first thing you notice in this south Austin Cajun café is that someone there must really love live music and Louisiana. Every square inch of the Evangeline Café is decorated with autographed playbills, flags, masks, posters and sports jerseys. The predominant colors being the purple, green and gold of Mardi Gras. The next thing […]

The Souvenir Menu – Milano Café

To me, food tastes better on vacation. It could be because it is a vacation; lack of stress, better restaurant options when not pressed for time, or often just unusually good regional specialties. But, I am always astonished at how the humblest places in Italy seemed to have better food than many pricier places in […]

The Souvenir Menu – Nuremburg Brauhaus

In a small strip center near the edge of Pflugerville is a small German restaurant that does something unusual. The chef makes nearly everything from scratch; the soups, the sausages, the schnitzels, fried potatoes, potato dumplings and even the desserts are made fresh by Chef Sonya Vogt, a native of Nuremburg. The menu is pretty […]

The Souvenir Menu – Cool River Café

For many years I worked in north Austin and the Cool River Café on Parmer Lane was always a popular choice for lunch with a Sales Rep or Client. The restaurant and bar complex looks a bit like a Colorado ski lodge inside and out; tall ceilings, oil paintings, wood paneling and a large stone […]

The Souvenir Menu – Holiday Champagne

As Christmas and New Year celebrations are upon us, I decided to do some research into Champagne. Though I really like the stuff, there are dozens and dozens of French Champagnes to choose from in anything from a reasonable thirty dollars to hundreds of dollars for the non-vintage brands alone. Styles vary from crisp light […]

The Souvenir Menu – Aquarelle

Over the years, central Austin has had many restaurants situated in vintage houses; Green Pastures, Paggi House, Basil’s, East Side Café, Mars, and Starlight to name a few. Some are still going strong and others are just wonderful old memories.  I’ve always loved these kinds of restaurants. They are usually Chef owned, comfortable and romantic. […]

The Souvenir Menu – F&D Foreign and Domestic Food and Drink

Story has it that the Chefs from Lyon France considered themselves better than the rest because in their estimation, anyone could make great food from the greatest of ingredients while they could make even a pig’s ear taste great. Because of some of his uncommon menu items, and his training under some very great Chefs […]

The Souvenir Menu – North by Northwest

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve had about six meals at North by Northwest. I’ve had a couple of brunches, a couple of dinners, one lunch and some drinks and appetizers. This frequency wasn’t due to a lack of creativity; but mainly because the folks here tend to do something a bit uncommon; they […]

The Souvenir Menu – Chianti Classico

Years ago before I had made any real effort to know much about wine, I identified a Chianti in a blind wine tasting game simply because I thought it was awful. There was no pondering the aroma, no washing the wine over the tongue to catch the flavors.  I just said “gosh I hate this…..I […]

The Souvenir Menu: “The Athenian Bar & Grill”

Once upon a time I thought I hated Greek food, I don’t like eggplant, so Massouka was out,  growing up in Texas, I was not really used to the taste of lamb, dolmades were just, well different, and the desserts were too sweet. A Greek friend of mine thought this was outrageous.  How could I […]

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