From the publisher: It’s cheaper to keep her

Who deserves $800 million? This week I was going to wax poetic on current events that are affecting our world. The oil continues to spill in the Gulf with seemingly no relief insight. Combine that with Hurricane Alex and it is a recipe for disaster. This new just came across the wire. It seems that […]

Brace Yourself, Bernardo is More than Just a Simple Campesino

I have been reading historical novels lately. It hasn’t been intentional, as I did not organize my reading shelf in this manner, and it’s not my usual habit. Whether it’s been by chance, by destiny, or by unconscious will, whatever one may want to call it, I’ve been completely engulfed by historical fiction and truly […]

The Souvenir Menu: Authentic German at the Walburg Restaurant

I tend to eat a lot of different things each week; Thai, Japanese, Indian, Burgers, BBQ, Chinese, Italian, Mexican, etc., but sometimes I like a little variety. We have a couple of good Persian places and even an Ethiopian restaurant in town, but what we lack in Austin is a dedicated place for good German […]

The Souvenir Menu: Why Guero’s is still one of Austin’s best

It seems strange to write about a restaurant that is so popular that further compliments just seem redundant, but my relationship with Guero’s Taco Bar on South Congress Avenue is a bit different. For decades now, Guero’s has been a frequent but temporary cure for home sickness. I moved to Austin from South Texas in […]

The 2010 FIFA World Cup: Lacking the Star Power of World Cups Past

On June 11th, 32 National Soccer teams will partake a month long tournament known as the FIFA World Cup in South Africa. The big power-house teams will be there: France, USA, Brazil, Germany, England, and defending champion Italy. The beauty of this event is that these Nations stop their daily routines and sit to watch […]

Where is the emotion from the president?

The media lashed out at President Obama for failing to show enough emotion about the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. The complaining seems to be primarily from the White House media. This week during an extended press conference, the White House spokesperson was peppered with questions from the frustrated story seeking media. […]

A Cultural-ist Challenge, Are We Up To It?

Returning home after a busy, sleepless week in New York City attending BookExpo America 2010 (BEA), I spent a whole day in a couple of airports among the usual business travelers and familiies initiating their summer vacations. I certainly had a book along with me, as I always do, even when not traveling, but it […]

Pavin: Tiger will be treated like everyone else

By Tony Dean Austin Times Staff Tiger may not be on the Ryder Cup Team? Really? This week U.S. Ryder Cup Team captain Cory Pavin said of Tiger Woods, yes that Woods, is not a guaranteed a spot on this year’s team. Pavin speaking to a gathering of reporters was asked if Woods failed to […]

From the publisher: Laura Bush and the “Mexican” problem

There are many issues and topics which are interesting and intriguing this week. So as a change of pace instead of picking one, I thought we could explore several topics in a new rundown format. Former first lady Laura Bush while promoting her new book dropped a couple of revelations to Larry King on Wednesday […]

Watch out Tiger & Phil, here come the kids

It happens to everyone, in every profession.  You start out as the young kid at your job.  You have all the promise in the world and start to turn a few heads.  Soon, you have the attention of your more-established co-workers, who are scared that you will some day take their spot. Back in the […]

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