Fashion Freakout 2010

This week’s adventure in fashionland took me to the front lines the third annual “Fashion Freakout” put on by the ever-so-clever with an eye for detail Audrie San Miguel, co-owner of Prototype Vintage Design. This year’s event took place on a crisp Friday night at the Mohawk.

Fashion Freakout took me “Back to the Future” courtesy of Buffalo Exchange. From the first runway walk, I saw styles such as clean-fitted seventies pants for guys and classic mod sixties outfits for women. A snapshot of Barbara Streisand in the sixties was relevant. The show seemed to capture my favorite element of style ever, BLACK GOLD, meaning matching gold jewelry over black. For ladies, this gives a stylish classic look while still remaining toned down.

As we looked down to the runway floor, I noticed shoes of all styles. Women wore what I like to call “Hooka Hookas”! These were the closed base heels with laces or straps over the foot. These were killer shoes that owned the runway the entire evening. For the guys, they were dead-on with my favorite classic shoes, black and brown evening loafers that, even at the bottom of skinny jeans, managed not to overpower the outfit.

If you want to talk power, Prototype Vintage bought it to the runway with urban cowboys strutting down the runway in classic-fitted demin and boots. Now, I don’t want the reader to think cowboy boots are all brown, because the boots on this runway were black, red, and silver, leaving the outfit choices endless.

All the pieces were daring, yet suitable, for an evening out in Austin with friends. I can say I enjoyed Fashion Freakout and look forward to freaking out at next year’s fashion show.

I had the opportunity to have a quick chat with Audrie about, well, fashion and some suggestions for vintage-inclined Austinites.

The Austin Times: What do you find important for the vintage guru who is looking to piece together that perfect outfit?

Audrie San Miguel: I think it’s important to keep current trends in mind when shopping for vintage. There are many timeless styles, but mixing a vintage gem with contemporary accents is the best way to achieve a unique and stylish ensemble without looking like you tried too hard, or like you’re in costume.

TAT: What is one mistake that men and women make when wearing vintage?

ASM: I think a common mistake people make when wearing vintage is adhering too strictly to one particular decade or style. I like to mix influences to get a more current look. It’s always unfortunate when it looks like someone just stepped out of a time warp in head to toe retro wear.

TAT: How do you fit the different individual body types?

ASM: With vintage, the likelihood of finding mulitples of the same item is very rare, so every piece is in a way, one of a kind. In order to find the perfect fit with vintage, you really have to cast a wide net and try on a lot of different styles and cuts until you find what’s right for your body type. It’ll get easier over time, but a flattering fit is a must when wearing one of a kind vintage fashions!

TAT: What are some upcoming events that Austinites can look forward to?

ASM: Prototype is currently working on SXSW events. We are decorating the Texas Film Hall of Fame Awards, where Quentin Tarantino and Catherine O-Hara (among others) will be inducted. Together with Chella Cordova, we are decorating a mammoth reception tent, the studio where the ceremony will take place, and green room and backstage areas. It’s a huge task, and we’re excited to continue to challenge ourselves every year. We’re also decorators for the Independent Film Channel’s Crossroads House during the SXSW Film Festival. We’re constructing an interview set, creating a cafe, gaming lounge, cocktail lounge, artist green room, and media lounge and workspace. Every year our projects get bigger and bigger and this year is no exception.

By Josh Garza

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