From the publisher: Laura Bush and the “Mexican” problem

There are many issues and topics which are interesting and intriguing this week. So as a change of pace instead of picking one, I thought we could explore several topics in a new rundown format.

Former first lady Laura Bush while promoting her new book dropped a couple of revelations to Larry King on Wednesday night. And, yes by the way, Larry King is reconciling with his wife… again.
Interesting, when Tiger Woods was going through his situation, the only thing King would discuss with anyone was Tiger’s adulterous affairs, but moving on.

Ms. Bush stated that she was pro-life and would not be opposed to gay marriage. If you don’t remember those were hot topics not only for her husband but the Republican Party.  They made those issues key talking points and motivational material to get the vote out.
She clearly fell on the opposing side of those debates. The issue here is did the public have a right to know her position or is it a private matter? Well did we ask?

I don’t mind her position no matter what it is. However, it would have been nice to know there was balance in the White House or not. I don’t think she would have been circumventing the president if she informed us of her thoughts. It would have been comforting her stance while in the White House. It does demonstrate how two people can still be married and still differ in parts of their beliefs. It sets a good example.

The Arizona Immigration issue: This is not an Arizona issue. While I can understand state’s rights, there has to be uniformity across the board.

While health care was a mere distraction, the real issue for the Obama presidency will be immigration. And let’s stop calling it the immigration issue and call it what it is, ‘The Mexican Problem”. There I said it, it’s out there. I almost dubbed it the Latino problem, but that’s not accurate. The U.S. isn’t concerned with too many Canadians coming in from the north or Europeans coming in to the East coast. Not to mention all of those who migrate from the Far East to California, see San Francisco. It’s all about the Mexican nationals who seek out the U.S. for a better life for them and their families.

They are like everyone else. Historically a lot of immigrants came into this country illegally took up roots and became model citizens. I was talking to my mother the other day and she was telling me about a friend of hers who said, “They need to ship all the Mexicans back where they came from.” Sound familiar? I told her to tell the lady that maybe we should consider sending all of the lazy, good-for-nothing Americans to Mexico instead.

The right thing to do is get a handle on how many are here and work something sensible out. This is a land of hope and opportunity. I’d like to see more compassion for our neighbors.

And finally, road construction is a mess. I visited San Antonio and they are still working on the same stretch of highway. The job has been going on since 1999. At least post a target completion date so that we can have an idea of when it will be done.

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