Where is the emotion from the president?

The media lashed out at President Obama for failing to show enough emotion about the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.
The complaining seems to be primarily from the White House media. This week during an extended press conference, the White House spokesperson was peppered with questions from the frustrated story seeking media.
Meanwhile appearing on Larry King Live, President Obama said he was outraged by the actions of BP.
There is always something to complain about. I don’t care if he stands at the podium and beats it like a drum. What I do expect from the president or any president is action. No one was better at showing compassion than Bill Clinton. He was and is a born actor. Speaking of acting, Ronald Reagan was a great pitchman for an agenda, ribbon cuttings and making speeches to make most feel good.
Barak Obama is many things, but sometimes his “too cool” demeanor can come across as cold.
On a personal note, I could not understand how he could maintain his composure after his grandmother died. I would have taken the day off and cried all day. But then again, if he was too emotional, that would not satisfy critics either.
Perhaps the last thing you want to see is an American president crying or losing control on television. That would create bulletin board material for those who are looking to destroy us?
Okay, I didn’t mean to try to scare you.
The oil spill is a tragedy.  However, it is more tragic we did not have a plan in place for the disaster.  The Exxon Valdez poured about 10 million gallons of oil in the ocean, so far BP has dumped well over 55 million and the number is growing by the hour.
So the big issue is what does the administration do moving forward. The president’s plate is full. He is trying to make a difference long term. This is just another major obstacle in the frame.
Obama continues to use his intellect and the intellect of those surrounding him to solve the problems.
That is about all you can hope for from those who are in charge.

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