From the publisher: It’s cheaper to keep her

Who deserves $800 million?

This week I was going to wax poetic on current events that are affecting our world. The oil continues to spill in the Gulf with seemingly no relief insight. Combine that with Hurricane Alex and it is a recipe for disaster.
This new just came across the wire. It seems that Elin Woods has reached a divorce settlement with Tiger Woods. I know you are Tiger’ed out, but wait. This story is about to take a huge turn. And by huge turn, I mean there is a larger thought in play here.
If the reports are true, it is worth discussing. Reports indicate that Elin is to receive $800 million dollars. That’s mind numbing. I’m all for spousal support going both ways and taking care of the kids, but really, $800 million…That’s $800,000,000. Really?
Okay he cheated, and cheated, and cheated. She was embarrassed. Her life has been turned upside down and she now has to chart and new path. She has lost her soul-mate and has to start over.  So here is $800 million. In what world is that okay?
Tiger is a wealthy man no disputing that, but even he has to feel that pinch in this economy.  How does one simply arrive at such an astronomical figure? I don’t doubt she has loved, supported him emotionally and physically, and been a devoted wife, but does that come to $800,000,000.
Ladies or men reading this column, please honestly evaluate your service and love in your relationship, then write down a number in your head and then multiply that number times 100 and I bet you don’t get $800 million.
Intellectuals will argue that it’s all relative and show precedent with other high profile wives such as the former Ms. Paul McCartney and Ms. Jordan, not the country but Michael, but come on really?
The only way some of you will understand is what if this black butler named Eldrick, was married to this white lady designer named Gloria Vanderbilt and she cheated on him with some other hotshot designer and they engaged in escapades in France and she decided she wanted to get a divorce.
Explain why he would be entitled to get $800 million of her fortune. You would say he never sketched a design, never sewed a pattern blah blah blah.  You would be right. She deserves to be taken care of the rest of her life and the kids too, but that tune is what out of key.
Tiger is responsible for this mess, I guess, and he needs to be fair and equitable, don’t you think $100 million would be enough for that young lady to manage for the rest of her life?

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  1. Andrea says:

    Hmm, I guess I have a strict view of these things, but Eldrick and and Elin should get half of all the couple’s worth upon divorce. They were joint partners.

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